Will Air Sterilization Be the New Standard of Hosting?
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More than ever, consumers are becoming more aware of the dangers that float around the air we breathe. As a result, the food and beverage world must seek affordable, low-maintenance air purifying solutions that allow their customers and staff to take a deep breath in and relax while dining in their facilities.

Undoubtedly, air sterilization will become the new standard of hosting as we move into the post-COVID world. As leading manufacturers of the hospitality market, Rosseto provides several health and safety solutions, including air purifying solutions by Ionsphere, which offer the sterilization of all large and small spaces.

What Is Ion Technology?

An air ionizer goes by many common names, including a negative ion generator or Chizhevsky’s chandelier.  These devices use high voltage to give an electrical charge to particles that move through the ionizer, or to molecules in the air. These charged molecules are called ions, and the ions will then stick to particles.

In the ionization process, charged particles are attracted to particles or surfaces with the opposite charge. This causes the particles to join together to form heavier particles that settle onto nearby surfaces. 

Why Do We Need Ion Technology?

When determining whether ion technology is necessary for your hosting space, it’s essential to look at a couple of important factors, including today’s risk and the future of hosting standards.

Today’s Risk 

Hotels, schools, and offices are gathering spots for large groups of people. Unfortunately, as we have learned, these types of environments create greater potential for exposure to new dangerous pathogens. Hotels, restaurants, airplanes, and even private homes are gathering places for health risks.

A study conducted in 2018 found that a negative ion air purifier can have multiple health benefits on humans. Additionally, negative air ions can be highly effective in removing harmful microorganisms from the air. 

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A New Standard of Hosting

Allow your guests to breathe in safely with an air purifying system. After keeping food protected with Rosseto barrier shields and sneeze guards, now you can eliminate all worries from your guests’ minds while they are staying at your establishment.

Air Sterilization of the Future by Ionsphere

Rosseto now offers Ionsphere commercial-grade air sterilization with advanced ion technology.

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Ionsphere’s Patented Bi-Polar Ion Technology

Ions are atoms or molecules with a positive or negative charge that are abundantly found in nature. As ions travel through the air and react with water vapor, they neutralize the surrounding air particles and eliminate dust, pathogens, chemicals, and odors in their path.

Top-tier designers and engineers have found a way to harness the power of ions and bring them indoors to create a safe zone 99% free from airborne pathogens such as germs, viruses, and bacteria.

Safe Zone Technology

Ionsphere is one of the only products on the market that uses bi-polar needlepoint technology to create and distribute positive and negative ions without requiring HVAC installation. Ionsphere uses a corona discharge system to generate oxygen molecules O2+ and O2-. 

Advantages of Choosing Ionsphere

Ionsphere is a complete commercial-grade air sterilization system with minimum maintenance:

  • No filters to replace
  • No harmful ozone
  • No dangerous UV bulbs
  • No costly HVAC install
  • Affordable
  • No maintenance needed 
  • No installation needed
  • Environment safe

Best of all, these products are proven to remove 99% of airborne pathogens from the air at the cellular level. 

Give your guests that special experience with the cleanest air possible. With Rosseto’s Ionsphere air sterilizers, every space can now be safe from airborne pathogens. Ionsphere offers the best large room air purifier, small room, indoor, outdoor, attached to a wall, or placed on a desk sterilization options. Thanks to Rosseto, you can find all of the solutions you need to keep your guests and staff safe and healthy in one convenient place. 

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