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Public transit is one of the most vulnerable industries during pandemic times due to its mobile nature. High volume foot traffic from various areas coming together in shared spaces that include common touchpoints like door handles, ticket kiosks, and seats create a risky environment that many try to avoid. Several major cities have experienced significant declines in ridership and farebox revenue for their public transit operations since March of 2020.

While wearing masks and offering physical distancing where possible is effective at reducing exposure, air sterilization is an essential extra step that ensures a much safer, cleaner environment for public transit staff and patrons.

IonsphereTM is a complete commercial-grade air sterilization system that has been certified and proven to remove 99% of airborne pathogens from the air at the cellular level. Government defense departments and global healthcare facilities have used and trusted our technology because it is the most effective, clean, low maintenance solution available. 

IonsphereTM does not have any harmful by-products or side effects associated with ozone, UV, or filter technology. Our innovative design will work around the clock for continuous disinfection proving complete protection for every size space. Our range of units can be used in lobbies, administrative offices, terminals, ticket counters, food courts, airplane cabins, buses, train compartments, and more.

Cleaner air starts here.

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