Ionsphere 150

Table/Countertop Air Sterilizer

Protect smaller, more intimate spaces with our rechargeable tabletop unit. Ideal for areas 150 sq. ft. or less such as restaurant tables and bar counters, VIP rooms, office workstations, and desktops. Distributes 25 billion positive and negative ions per 1 square inch per second. Perfect for travel and hotel rooms. Charge lasts up to 6 hours.

Ionosphere™ 150

  • Room size – Covers room size of 150 sq. ft.
  • Ionizer- distributes 26 billion positive and negative Ions per SQI per second – UL 867 zero emission, CE certified
  • Fan-60 CFM UL, CE certified
  • Chargeable battery – battery life 6 hours
  • Led lights indicate battery position
  • Power supply – USB Cable
  • Energy efficiency – 12 V
  • Sound level – 26dBa
  • Size – H5.7” W3.7” D3.7”/ H14.5cm W9.5cm D9.5cm
  • Weight – 0.6lb/ 0.3kg
  • Item# D5IONTT
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