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Safe Zone Technology

Give your staff the peace of mind they need to stay productive and focused. While standard safety and hygiene practices will be in place in all offices, air sterilization is an essential extra step that ensures a much safer, cleaner environment. This means less fear about returning to work and less sick days.

IonsphereTM is a complete commercial-grade air sterilization system that has been certified and proven to remove 99% of airborne pathogens from the air at the cellular level. Government defense departments and global healthcare facilities have used and trusted our technology because it is the most effective, clean, low maintenance solution available.

IonsphereTM does not have any harmful by-products or side effects associated with ozone, UV, or filter technology. Our innovative design will work around the clock for continuous disinfection proving complete protection for every size space. Our range of units can be used in lobbies, administrative offices and conference rooms, auditoriums, cafeterias, hallways, and other shared high traffic areas of your corporate campus.

Cleaner air starts here.

Ready to take the next step towards safer air for your employees? Connect with one of our Safe Zone Specialists to find the right products for your business.